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Research Staff

Photo of Troy Bauder

Bauder, Troy

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Assistant Deputy Director of AES
C011 Plant Sciences
Fort Collins, CO 80523
970-491-4923 – Office
970-491-2758 – Fax

photo of Jocelyn Lavallee

Lavallee, Jocelyn

Research Scientist I

Jocelyn researches carbon and nitrogen dynamics in soils, focusing on soil organic matter formation and stabilization processes across scales. Her aim is to find ways to increase stores of soil carbon to improve soil health and help mitigate climate change, while enhancing soil nitrogen cycling to maintain plant productivity. She uses a combination of field and laboratory experiments, modeling, and large datasets to better understand how soils respond to different management practices, warming, and drought so that we can better manage our soils and predict soil responses into the future.

photo of Megan Machmuller

Machmuller, Megan

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Research Scientist II

Photo of Rick Novak

Novak, Rick

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Director, Seed Programs
C143 Plant Sciences
Fort Collins, CO 80523
970-491-4366 – Office
970-491-1173 – Fax

photo of Karl Ravet

Ravet, Karl

Research Scientist III
Crop Genomics Lab
C213 Plant Sciences
Fort Collins, CO 80523
970-491-4189 – Office
970-491-3862 – Fax

photo of Jim Self

Self, Jim

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Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab Manager
Fort Collins, CO 80523
970-491-5061 – Office
970-491-2930 – Fax

photo of Jennifer Soong

Soong, Jennifer

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Research Scientist
Soil carbon, Regenerative agriculture, Soil biogeochemistry, Ecosystem ecology, Global change, Plant-soil-atmosphere, Stoichiometry, Isotopes

photo of Steve Vanek

Vanek, Steven

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Research Scientist

Research Associates and Other Staff

Anderson, Tori
Andrus, Matt
Ariappillil Velayudhan, Sobha
Asfeld, Edward
Brown, Kevin
Crowl, Randy
Deleon, Emmanuel
Diaz, Kandis
Even, Rebecca
Fabian, Chris
Gorman, Rochelle
Harrington, Judy
Hudson-Arns, Emily
Jones, Sally
Kremen, Amy
Layer, Mark
Munk, Linda
Ogg, Barry
Patel, Thakor “TC”
Santra, Meena
Seifert, Scott
Sever, Kari
Stromberger, John
Sutton, Ben
VanMeter, Amanda
Wang, Hong
Wardle, Erik
Weddle, Debbie

Research Associate IV, Wheat Breeding
Research Associate I, Graphic Designer
Research Associate III, Software Engineer
Manager, Akron Research Station
Director of Research Software Facility
Certified Seed Analyst, Colorado Seed Lab
Research Associate II
Research Associate
Research Associate I
Research Associate, MLRA Soil Survey
Research Associate I
Research Associate
Research Associate IV, Wheat Breeding
Research Associate III, Crops Testing
Research Project Manager
Research Associate III
Certification Manager-CO Seed Programs
RA, Agronomy Foundation Seed Manager
Lab Assistant-Soil Testing Lab
Sr. Research Associate
Research Associate IV, Wheat Breeding
Research Associate, Soil Scientist
Sr. Research Associate
RA II, Software Development
Research Associate I
RA III, Plant Breeding/Genetics
RA III, Water Quality Specialist
Soil, Water & Plant Testing Lab

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