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Ward, SarahGenetics

Associate Professor

C-119 Plant Sciences

970-491-2102 office

970-491-3570 lab





Research Interests:

I am interested in genetic processes driving rapid evolutionary change in weedy and invasive plants. I work on the molecular and population genetics of herbicide resistant weeds in agroecosystems, and the ecological genetics of invasive non-native plants. Current research projects in my lab focus on the genetics of resistance to the herbicides glyphosate and dicamba in Palmer amaranth and kochia, and on the fitness and invasive potential of hybrid toadflax populations. Visit my website for more information.

  • Ecological genetics of weeds and invasive plants
  • Population biology and genetics of herbicide resistant weeds


Courses I Teach:

  • SOCR 330 Principles of Genetics
  • SOCR 344 Introduction to Crop Development Techniques
  • SOCR 535 Origin and Evolution of Crop Plants
  • SOCR 580 Genetic Variation in Plant Populations


Curriculum Vitae

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