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Denver Soil Survey

Understanding Our Local Resource

The soils in Denver are a rich and unique resource  that grows our food and lawns,  as well as filters our water and air.  We understand very little about the soils that lay directly beneath our feet, but I would like to ask for your participation in changing this.

Colorado State University is conducting a soil study that will help us to understand the different types of soil in Denver in addition to how they benefit us as a community.

The  soil sample, if you choose to participate, will be taken from your front yard near the sidewalk, and will be filled back in with replacement soil and the small piece of sod replaced.  The same tool used on golf courses to make a hole are used so that there is minimum disturbance and intrusion.

Interested in participating? Please fill out the Soil Survey Form

washpark in denver
soil sample core

Contact Information

Ryan Taylor
PhD student
Soil and Crop Sciences

Eugene F. Kelly 
Professor of Pedology
Deputy Director AES
Associate Dean Extension
College of Agricultural Sciences
Colorado State University

urban soil sample
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