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Course Name


SOCR 100

General Crops

Meagan Schipanski

SOCR 171

Environmental Issues in Agriculture

Addy Elliott

SOCR 177

Applied Information Technology in Agriculture

Rajiv Khosla

SOCR 200

Seed Anatomy and Identification

Jack Fenwick

SOCR 201

Seed Development and Metabolism

Loren Wiesner

SOCR 240

Introductory Soil Sciences

Ken Barbarick

SOCR 300

Seed Purity Analysis

Ethan Waltermire

SOCR 301

Seed Germination and Viability

Ethan Waltermire

SOCR 320

Forage and Pasture Management

Joe Brummer

SOCR 322

Principles of Microclimatology

Jay Ham

SOCR 330

Principles of Genetics

Mark Brick/Sarah Ward

SOCR 341

Microbiology for Sustainable Agriculture

Mary Stromberger

SOCR 342

Organic Soil Fertility

Addy Elliott

SOCR 343

Composting Principles and Practices

Addy Elliott

SOCR 344

Crop Development Techniques

Sarah Ward

SOCR 345

Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields

Addy Elliott

SOCR 350

Soil Fertility Management

Jessica Davis

SOCR 351

Soil Fertility Lab

Jessica Davis

SOCR 370

Irrigation Principles

Allan Andales

SOCR 371

Irrigation of Field Crops

Allan Andales

SOCR 377

Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture

Rajiv Khosla

SOCR 384

Supervised College Teaching

Changes each semester

SOCR 400

Soil & Global Change: Science and Impacts

Francesca Cotrufo

SOCR 401

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Land Use and Management

Keith Paustian

SOCR 410

Seed Processes: Storage & Destination

Loren Wiesner

SOCR 411

Seed Processes: Legume Seed Production

Mark Brick

SOCR 412

Seed Processes: Separation & Conditioning

Jim Stanelle

SOCR 421

Crop and Soil Management Systems II

Gary Peterson

SOCR 424

Topics in Organic Agriculture

Addy Elliott

SOCR 430

Applications of Plant Biotechnology

Pat Byrne

SOCR 440


Eugene Kelly

SOCR 441

Soil Ecology


SOCR 455

Soil Microbiology

Mary Stromberger

SOCR 456

Soil Microbiology Laboratory

Mary Stromberger

SOCR 460

Plant Breeding

Scott Haley

SOCR 467

Soil and Environment Chemistry

Thomas Borch

SOCR 470

Soil Physics

Greg Butters

SOCR 471

Soil Physics Laboratory

Greg Butters

SOCR 475

Global Challenges in Plant and Soil Sciences

Pat Byrne/Jessica Davis

SOCR 490

Hydrus-1D Workshop

Greg Butters

SOCR 486


Changes each semester

SOCR 487


Changes each semester

SOCR 492


Gene Kelly

SOCR 495

Independent Study

Changes each semester

SOCR 496

Group Study

Changes each semester

SOCR 498

Undergraduate Research

Changes each semester


Undergraduate Coordinator

Greg Butters

Instructor and Key Academic Advisor

Addy Elliott

Student Coordinator – Administrative Assistant

Karen Allison

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