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Pollination and Plant Reproduction

Special Assistant Professor

C138 Plant Sciences

970-491-6804 office




I am a pollination biologist interested in understanding the evolution and maintenance of plant-pollinator interactions.

Research Interests:

My ongoing research projects are aimed at understanding the role of pollen and nectar phytochemicals in maintaining healthy honeybees, agro-ecosystem based approaches to improve pollinator diversity on farm land and urban areas as bee diversity hot spots. My research projects include outreach and extension components. I regularly present at beekeeper associations and other organizations on a variety of topics relating to honeybee health and nutrition, protection of beneficial species in the face of pest control, improving habitats in urban areas to support native pollinator diversity etc. I am currently involved in developing beginner beekeeping classes and training for beekeeper mentors.


I teach an upper level course on Pollinator Management in Agro-ecosystems. I have previously taught Introductory Plant Biology and Global Challenges in Plant and Soil Sciences.

Curriculum Vitae

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