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CSU & Your Community

Connecting your neighborhood to the resources you need

Colorado State University, as the land grant university of our state, is a wonderful resource available to all Colorado residents.   Whether you want to know how to can those tomatoes you grew in your garden, or how much fertilizer to put on your lawn the experts  at the extension office are here to help you with almost anything.  It is through partnerships with Colorado citizens  that  together we build the communities that are so special to our state.

We hope that by participating at no charge you will help us to understand the soils of Denver so we can make this a more resilient community.  By knowing the type and distribution of soils we can make better recommendations on watering schedules, fertilizer applications, and other critical management decisions all homeowners face.  Our property is our most valuable possession, and a good understanding of the soil puts one on a firm footing.

urban soil sample

Sampling Denver Soil

The sampling of soils is a pretty straight forward endeavor.  We will simply cut a hole approximately four inches wide into the ground to a depth of 1-2 feet.  After the plugs have been removed we will fill the in hole with sand  and top it off with soil and the piece of grass that was on top originally. Our goal is to make it seem as if we were never there.

  • All sampling is anonymous. No names or ad dresses will ever be published, or made public.
  • All underground locations of utilities will be covered
  • Participation is 100% free
  • If this has inspired you to know more about your soil the Soil and Water Testing Lab at CSU will run a routine analysis of your soil for as little as $35
soil sampling

Community Goals

Although we have goals to help our understanding of the Denver environment and ecosystem we are guided by the principles that govern all Colorado State University projects.  Our sampling team will always treat everyone with dignity and respect.

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Urban Soil

  • An important natural resource
  • Growing medium for plants
  • Cleans our water
  • Where we build our structures
  • Repository of hundreds of years of nutrients
  • Foundation of civilization itself
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